The Next SMU Course in Islamic Studies – Now Available

The Islamic Seminary of America is pleased to announce our continuing collaboration with SMU,  and the next course in Islamic Studies to be offered at the SMU Main Dallas Campus  in the Spring of 2018:
Modern Islamic Movements
Instructor: Omar Suleiman
SMU Main Dallas CampusWednesdays
3 Master’s Credit Hours
Explores modern Islamic movements in light of dilemmas experienced by Muslims around the world today. Each of these movements have different goals and underpinnings. Examines the reasons for these movements, their popularity, and their unique hierarchical structures. May be applied to the following curricular field concentrations: human rights and social justice, global studies (non-Western), American studies, humanities.

Click Here for Syllabus 

Apply directly via SMU Admissions.
**Deadlines for Admission**:
Deadline to apply has been extended. There is still plenty of time to apply for fall and to enroll. Please contact for more information.

Examples of Additional Courses Offered in Upcoming Semesters:

The Islamic Civilization
Islamic Textual Criticism
Major Themes in Islamic Law
Human Rights in Islam
Terrorism, Torture, and International Law
The Impact of the Arab Spring on Israel and the Middle East
Islam, State and Society
Certificate of Advanced Study (18 Credit Hours) – For those who already have a master’s degree but are interested in pursuing a specific concentration in a specific curricular field only.
Master of Liberal Studies (36 Credit Hours) – For those who pursue the full degree program.
Non-Degree Option (3-6 Credit Hours) – For students wanting to try the program may take 1-2 courses.  Credits can be applied to the Certificate or Master’s programs.
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